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City Plaza – El Crisol is a commercial plaza composed of 30 commercial stores, with an industrial area offering warehouses and ofi-warehouses.

It is located on Avenida Domingo Díaz, in front of El Crisol. And among its amenities for its commercial stores are its porcelain tile floors and ceilings with metal panels filled with polyurethane, which allows for more thermal comfort.

Some features that stand out of the warehouses and ofi-warehouses of City Plaza – El Crisol include hot air extraction system by gravity in the ceiling, fire alarm system and natural lighting for storage area.

Commercial space from 290 M2 to 873 M2.


– Fire alarm system.

– Sprinkler system.

– Hot air extraction system.

– Water storage tank.

– Administrative offices.

– Closed circuit system.

– Large number of parking spaces.

– High vehicular traffic.

– Close to shopping centers.


Stores: 169m2 up to 300m2

Warehouses: 251m2 to 1000m2


El Crisol

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City Plaza El Crisol

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